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Baby | Chemo | Medically Impacted

Why did we group these two together? Well they are actually pretty similar when it comes to epidermis make up (epidermis is the outer layer of skin). 

An infant's epidermis is three to five times thinner than an adult's and is made up of smaller cells.  While a person with chemo or medically impacted skin also has a thinner more fragile epidermis. 

While all our products are made for the most sensitive skin conditions we do have specific bars we suggest for thinner skin. 

Body Care:

Any of our unscented soaps are a great option. They all are mild, moisturizing, do not further damage or disrupt skin. Carrot and Sweet Potato, Calming Calendula  or Olive Oil- for people with coconut oil allergies.  All of these bars can also be used head to toe, including lathering them as shampoo, to shave with, or for face wash. 

We also suggest following up bathing with our Whole Body Oil for full body moisture and the Essential Salve on any problem areas. Both products are unscented and can be used anywhere on the body, face or scalp. 

Ideal Products For Your Skin:

Rosemary and Tea Tree Bar Soap

Carrot and Sweet Potato Soap

Whole Body Oil

Essential Salve

Calendula Soap


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