While most natural skin care companies provide multiple products for each type of skin, we believe in universal staple products that are good for all.

“Here’s a secret I learned from studying the beauty industry, that honestly still bothers me. Most brand’s revenue is driven by new product launches and selling you things you don’t need.

Brands often have a long line sheet of hyper specific/trendy products. Typically this looks like a core product having a few ingredients added or tweaked and being sold to you as “the neck cream you’ve always needed”.

Why is this a successful tactic? It preys on the consumer’s lack of knowledge around skincare.

What about Good JuJu Herbal? Our revenue is driven by connecting with our customers, educating them about skincare and making trustworthy, quality products that you reach for every day for multiple reasons.”

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Our Why

I’ve spent my entire life battling severe eczema compounded by contact allergies. After countless doctors appointments, every topical treatment available, every “natural” swap imaginable, and a full body rash, a diagnosis was finally given: allergies to 17 common chemicals. These 17 chemicals include fragrance oils, parabens (preservatives), SLS/SLES (foaming agents), among many others.

Those 17 chemicals quickly translated into thousands of commercial products I was allergic to, both “natural” and conventional. Unable to find what I needed on the natural market, I decided to problem solve- and Good JuJu Herbal was born. 

Our Standards

All of our products are:
- Free of compounds found in natural products that can irritate sensitive skin.
- Made with perfectly-executed formulas in order to be most effective.
- Never tested on animals.
- Made with responsibly-sourced ingredients, purchased from other local businesses when possible.

Our Execution

Every product is approved for even the most sensitive skin, and each product is tested for at least 6 weeks by multiple product testers before launch to ensure it is the best on the market. We are in the business of solving skin issues and busting down the misleading marketing behind mainstream “all-natural” products.