Postpartum skin can bring changes like dryness and itchiness. All of our products are pregnancy safe but they really shine when it comes to  helping your skin with hormonal transitions.  

Body Care:

We suggest our unscented Carrot Sweet Potato bar head to toe. This bar is moisturizing, mild and non-irritating. 

This bar of soap should be followed with the Whole Body Oil for best treatment. This body oil is a 6-in-1 and lightly scented with ylang ylang.  This body is quick absorbing and coconut oil free, making it ideal for soothing itchiness.  

If you are experiencing dry patches, dermatitis flares or flaking we suggest the Essential Salve as the last step in your body care routine. Layer the Essential Salve as a spot treatment to help inflammation and rebuild the skin barrier in troubled spots.  


Postpartum can bring challenges with acne, over production of oil, flaking or the combo of all three from hormonal shifts. 

While your skin and body are in transition we suggest simplifying your routine. 

We suggest our Skincare Mini Kit as it comes for oily/combo/acne OR for dry/flakiness we suggest substituting the Rose Clay and Geranium Bar. Just leave us a note on your order or email us and we will make the swap. 

This kit included travel sized versions of our three step skincare routine. Simple and effective steps made to cleanse, balance and hydration.  This kit should last you three months with daily use.

Step one: A cleanser that is balancing and deep cleansing but won't over strip oils that are necessary to your skins health. A cleanser that uses sulfates or other harsh ingredients can over strip oils from the skin. This stripping leads to disrupting the skins acid mantel. The acid mantel is a thin layer of sebum (oil your skin produces) , sweat and dead skin cells to protect itself from bacteria, environmental pollutants, and moisture loss. 

Step Two:  A gentle rosewater based toner. This toner preps the skin for moisturizer by adjusting/correcting the pH of the skin. Rosewater is naturally anti-inflammatory  and ideal for common skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. Our formulation concentrates on being effective, gentle and hydrating. 

Step Three: A nutrient dense moisturizer.  Light, easy to layer and only made with ingredients to directly benefit the skin. Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids to help repair and mitigating long term damage to the skin. These oils are paired with deep hydrating and Noncomedogenic (doesn't clog pores) butters to give skin a healthy, moisturized glow.

Ideal Products for Post Partum

Carrot and Sweet Potato Soap

Calendula Soap

Whole Body Oil

Mini Skin Care Set

Essential Salve