Did You Know...  1 in 4 Americans suffer from a long-term skin condition, according to the American Academy of Dermatology? 

Society has conditioned us to believe that common skin issues like large pores, eczema, keratosis pilaris, textured skin, and acne are traits caused by “bad skin." Over the years, these skin conditions have become integrated with our self-worth, inciting shame and embarrassment whenever we have flare ups and breakouts. This often leads causing us to spend not only money but also emotional energy searching for the secret to perfect skin. 

With 85 million of us dealing with these day-to-day skin issues, Good JuJu Herbal decided it was time to start the #ThisisGOODskin campaign. 

When living with a chronic skin condition, you’re faced with a multitude of obstacles. 

How to fix it, how to cover it up, and the best ways to avoid drawing attention to it. You begin avoiding gatherings, photos, shorts, and tank tops, all because you have been conditioned to believe that this imperfection in your skin is shameful or embarrassing. 

We have all been taught to believe that someone’s skin is a reflection of their hygiene or status. Clear skin = clean, healthy, beautiful. 

“Wow, she has good skin. She takes good care of herself.” 

Breakouts = dirty, poor hygiene.

“That looks really bad. Have you tried drinking more water or washing your face?” 

Eczema/rashes = gross, diseased.

“Ew, what is that? That looks gross. You should probably keep that covered.” 

These feelings have become common emotional threads within the sensitive skin community, one that I have been a part of for many years of my life. I had trained myself to perfectly position my arms to hide my skin, so as to not call attention to myself, all because of the stigma that surrounds imperfect skin. 

This initiative isn’t just about embracing imperfect skin, but also focusing on de-stigmatizing common skin issues while promoting healthy skin maintenance. We hope this hashtag will spark an open conversation about what it is to live with a long-term skin condition and truly embrace the reality that all skin is good skin. 


It’s still hard for me to talk about my own story without feeling emotional. I remember one night I woke up to my arm covered in blood, but this wasn’t the first time I had woken up this way. Since I was a baby, I had a habit of scratching in my sleep. I'd often wake up to open skin, leaving myself at risk for infection, but this time was worse than I had ever imagined. It was 3:20 in the morning as I wiped off my arm and began pacing. I paced all night, crying and doing anything I could to get my mind off the pain. I folded piles of laundry and washed dishes, but nothing could distract me from the reality that my arms were wrecked. Between my usual (and severe eczema), my past scarring, a bout of impetigo, and this new rash, the discomfort was unbearable. I found myself defeated, mumbling, “Is this going to be my life forever?”

I grew up in the care of a compassionate dermatologist, had used every cream, and had taken countless rounds of oral steroids. My cabinet also had every single over-the-counter “free and clear” sensitive skin brands, which made me ask: what is wrong with me? 

When I finally got the correct diagnosis of contact dermatitis, caused by allergies to 17 common chemicals (sulfates/parabens/fragrance/etc), it inspired me to start making my own skin care formulas which ultimately brought relief. 

My eczema was triggered by stress, hormones, and body care products. I eventually learned how to avoid these triggers (with the help of products/environmental factors), all to maintain healthy skin and reduce occasional flare-ups with Good JuJu Herbal products.

The idea for the #ThisisGOODskin initiative has been in my head for a long time, coming from a place of combining two experiences:

1) The hopelessness and isolation I felt when my skin was at its worst growing up. 

2) The stigma and judgement I felt even after starting the business. I would get stressed about an upcoming event, and my eczema would flare up. I would show up to summer markets with my arms covered to avoid comments about a lifelong skin condition I couldn’t control, only maintain. The concept of skin maintenance or skin acceptance has always been so far removed from the beauty and product industry that it is a foreign concept and taboo topic. 

This business isn’t about money to me. It is my personal story, and part of my story includes the journey to accepting my imperfectly-perfect skin.

This got me thinking: with so many of us living with this, why is there no mainstream skin care brand talking about the multiple factors (in and out of our control) that usually contribute to these common skin issues? And is it this misrepresentation that causes us to carry shame and embarrassment when, in reality, clear skin is a rarity that requires a lot of time, maintenance, and resources to achieve?

It’s always been important to me as a business owner to be honest and transparent, and that’s why I’ve come here today to tell you that Good JuJu Herbal products, my products, will not “fix” your skin.

Will my products repair your skin and help keep it healthy? Yes. 

Do we have 1,500 five-star reviews to back up our products' quality and capability to keep skin clear? Yes. 

Is there more to the story? Yes.

The first step to narrowing down what’s causing a skin issue is by adding or removing a product in your daily skin care routine. And while many people have success during this first step, it’s an oversimplification that may not result in long term results. 

While other companies stop the conversation by saying, “Buy here & now & your skin's success will never end,” to continue selling products, we at Good JuJu Herbal know that there’s more to good skin than fancy products on a shelf. 

That's why we hope this campaign will not only strengthen your self-confidence and acceptance of your own skin, but educate you on the best skin care routine for your skin by talking to others who share your experiences. 

Let's bring all 85 million of us together and shout from the rooftops that all skin is good skin!